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Creneau International - Gaggenau, Stand, Belgium
Gaggenau, Stand, Belgium
The Future of the Forest...For more than 300 years, Gaggenau has had the courage to think ahead. With an authentic and solid reputation beyond compare, it seems time has had no hold on one of the world’s pre-eminent manufacturers of luxury home appliances. Made in Germany, this brand is all about innovative sustainability, high-end exclusivity and trendsetting style.We thought the fair stand at Batibouw 2012 should say all that. Call it Zeitgeist or a journey through time … Gaggenau again is way ahead of you.---A striking giant cuckoo clock at the entrance invites the visitor to step back in time, and look forward to the future. The projection of the clock on the floor sends out the same message:  time goes on, but Gaggenau is here to stay.Rooted in the Black Forest, the brand continues to grow, branching out all over the world.Inspired by the forest as a symbol in Gaggenau’s heritage, we turned raw wood into a kitchen tabletop at the heart of the stand, where tasty bites are being served on Bunzlauer Keramik spoons, bowls and plates.Withered wooden panels, like trees reaching for the skies, hold the designer products like precious jewellery, and display the art of cooking. A beautiful contrast between the exclusive appliances and the raw materials.Mirrors at the back of the booth create a reflection that seems to go on endlessly. Curious to learn more about Gaggenau? By all means, take your time.
Creneau International - Gaggenau, Stand, BelgiumCreneau International - Gaggenau, Stand, BelgiumCreneau International - Gaggenau, Stand, BelgiumCreneau International - Gaggenau, Stand, Belgium
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